Granite and Marble are both natural products, which means there can be variations in color and pattern. Both come in a wide range of colors and patterns. Both can be stained by oily or highly colored foods. So both require resealing every once in a while (yearly is the usual rule.) Both are relatively heatproof, and they won't scorch (a very hot pot placed on either type of stone could crack it, theoretically.)But granite is a much harder, stronger stone than marble. It resists impacts and scratches better. And it is resistant to acids like tomato juice, lemon juice or vinegar. So for hard use, granite is a better choice.A quartz countertop is deemed as the more durable material because it seems to be second to diamond when talking about scratch resistance and sturdiness. If diamond is rated at 10, quartz is rated 7. Granite is rated much less because its durable composition is comparable to only about 50% quartz whereas in quartz countertops the material is often created from more than 90% pure quartz.

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