RGM is a company that manufactures products with Granite, Marble and engineered stone. The products are not limited to homes, offices, hotels and restaurants and include many more depending on the client’s request. RGM works very closely with architects and kitchen manufacturing companies in order to provide a complete solution. RGM is proud to say that a few of their projects were featured on Top Billing. Ernie who is full of passion in what he does manages the Company and he believes in a "hands on" approach to business. He is a lateral thinker and enjoys being creative. He spent most of his younger days as a banker within the corporate environment as well as Stock Broking. One would say that he is a derivative of passion and creativity. He is proud of his work and instills positivity in every staff member as well as people he interacts with on a daily basis.  RGM is about quality service and quality finishes adding value to any client, big or small.

“ Let us Rock your world! ”

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